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NSFU Publishing

About Us

NSFU Publishing is an independent music publishing company established by Ted Reyes in 2020. It has a rapidly expanding library of materials from some of the best independent composers and producers from all around the world. From Tokyo to Manila to New York to Sydney to Brussels to Sao Paulo, the range of music sources is as vast as it can get.

Aside from being a music publishing company, NSFU is also committed to giving back to the artistic community by helping underprivileged artists gain access to free music production services.

NSFU firmly believes in a good balance between commerce and altruism.  

Ted Reyes

CEO, NSFU Publishing

Ted Reyes a writer, music producer, visual artist, and television professional. He started writing and playing music at the age of 14 and at 18, signed a record deal with BMG Records Philippines for his band The Freesouls. He is an AWIT Awards nominee and a finalist in several national songwriting contests, including Himig Handog and the FiLSCAP Songwriting Competition.


After College, Ted moved to the United States and started a career at MTV Networks in New York City. He served as the Production Director, and oversaw multiplatform streaming content operations for several ViacomCBS channels, including Comedy Central, VH1, Paramount Network, BET, BET+, TV Land, CMT, and Logo TV

In 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ted connected with various producers, artists, composers and founded NSFU Publishing with the aim of representing and promoting independent artists from all over the world.

Ted Reyes and NSFU Publishing are affiliated with BMI.

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