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A Guide to Watching Live Concerts During this COVID-19 Pandemic

The crowd at Glasgow’s OVO Hydro during the Madness gig December 3, 2021

For almost two years, the ravaging COVID-19 virus shut down every concert venue in the world. Artists lost a significant amount of revenue and fans lost much needed escape from the anxieties and pain brought about by the disease. But in 2021, things started to pick up. With a significant number of people getting vaccinated, governments started to loosen the restrictions and allowed venues to open for business, with strict guidelines and safety requirements. In light of this, artists began touring again.

In the US, music festivals and regular concerts all came back, injecting life to a worn out population. In the UK, bands like Madness, The Libertines, The Jesus and Mary Chain all started touring this year. In the Philippines, bars started allowing outdoor gigs. But how safe is it to be in these gigs? Especially now with the new Omicron variant, which appears to be more contagious than Delta? We’ve been in quite a few gigs already and here are a few things that can help alleviate your concerns.

  1. Check the venue’s Covid requirements - While the country, states, and cities have their general rules, venues, as private businesses, can impose their own rules. For example: some venues requirements masks in the floor/standing area but not in seated sections while others doesn’t require masks at all as long as you[re vaccinated. Always check the venue’s website for covid rules.

  2. Wear a mask and bring an extra - If you are planning to hit the mosh pit or head bang all night at a venue that requires masks, yours will surely break. So, make sure you have a spare.

  3. Bring your own hand sanitizer - When you find yourself in the middle of a crowd, access to the toilet is almost impossible, so it is critical to bring your own hand sanitizer to make sure you are sanitizing your hands before you touch sensitive areas on your face like your eyes, nose, and mouth. Unless you are wearing gloves at a She & Him show, your hands will be exposed to body fluids from fellow attendees. So before you touch your face, pick your nose, rub your eyes, or lick your fingers, sanitize.

  4. Keep your distance - A packed venue will be extremely challenging, but if you can, maintain some separation. An arms length is better than nothing.

  5. Boost your immunity - Before going to a show, make sure you are in tip-top shape. Take vitamins and don’t go when you are tired. Get a good night’s sleep before the event and stay hydrated.

Everyone is happy that concerts are back, but let’s all make sure we are doing our part to prevent another lockdown.

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