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Facing Fear: Stop AAPI Hate

A few days ago, a homeless man viciously attacked a 62-year old Asian woman in Yonkers. The man punched the helpless woman more than 100 times, injuring her skull, and then left her for dead.

The attack was a textbook hate crime, and the city rightfully acknowledged it.

A few months ago, another homeless man followed an Asian woman to her apartment in Chinatown and stabbed her to death. A few weeks before that, another homeless person pushed an Asian woman in the NYC subway tracks resulting in her gruesome death.

These incidents are no longer random. It is a trend that we cannot ignore or dismiss. Unfortunately, some Asian-American friends have decided to leave the country for fear of being targeted next. America promised to be the beacon of tolerance and equality, but the promise remained in the ether.

As an Asian American organization, we strongly condemn the violence against our community, and we ask the government and all communities to do more in preventing this. The incidents shattered our idea of safety. We feel vulnerable because we are.


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