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Paul Weller Concludes Tour at Brixton O2 Academy - Gig Review

Paul Weller live at Brixton O2 Academy - April 24, 2022

Paul Weller has a kind of career that is envied by many. It is legendary yet modest. It is influential yet subtle. Nobody stalks him for photos and autographs to make his life miserable, yet he commands attention everywhere he goes. Paul Weller is perpetually relevant because he doesn't conform to trends that end as fast as they begin.

After two years of stage inactivity due to the pandemic, Paul Weller kicked off his UK tour in Cambridge in March of 2021. And then, on April 24, 2022, concluded it at Brixton's O2 Academy. We were fortunate to be there and witness the Modfather's greatness.

Paul Weller and his band walked in with The Beatles' seminal masterpiece "Tomorrow Never Knows." Perhaps this is a reference to the uncertainties of our times – the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, climate change, etc. it's a fantastic walk-in song. Then without any opening spiel, the band launched into their setlist.

Regular Set

  1. White Sky

  2. Long Time

  3. Cosmic Fringes

  4. From the Floorboards Up

  5. Headstart for Happiness (The Style Council)

  6. Village

  7. Have you Ever Had it Blue (The Style Council)

  8. Stanley Road

  9. Shades of Blue (duet with Paul's daughter Leah)

  10. Saturns Pattern

  11. Hung Up

  12. Fat Pop

  13. More

  14. Woo Se Mama

  15. It's A Very Deep Sea (The Style Council)

  16. Rockets

  17. Above The Clouds

  18. Into Tomorrow

  19. Shout to the Top (The Style Council)

  20. Start! (The Jam)

  21. Peacock Suit

The band left the stage but returned for two encores!

Encore No.1

22. Broken Stones

23. You Do Something to Me

24. That's Entertainment (The Jam)

25. Wild Wood

Encore No. 2

26. The Changing Man

27. Town Called Malice (The Jam)

That is as good as it gets: 27 songs spanning Paul's career with The Jam, The Style Council, and as a solo artist. We couldn't ask for anything more, well perhaps, "In The City." He should have played that since it's my favorite song. But that is ok. The band played with energy and precision, and Paul gave his absolute best in every number. The "Fire and Skill" is still alive deep inside this legendary artist.

Since we started traveling in September 2021, we have seen several shows, and it's still ongoing. But Paul Weller's gig at the Brixton O2 Academy is a high point. So, if you have the chance to see him in Europe or America, go. Because, you know, tomorrow never knows.

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