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Will Epic Games Turn Bandcamp Into Spotify?

Yesterday, indie artist-friendly platform Bandcamp sold itself to Epic Games, the giant company responsible for massive hits such as Fortnite and Assasin's Creed.

What does this mean for artists or indie labels who rely on Bandcamp's pro-artist business model? Will it morph into a monster like Spotify? According to the statement released by Bandcamp, they will remain true to their mission of putting artists first before profits. But this raises some serious questions. Since Bandcamp owners "cashed in" with this deal, Epic Games will make changes to ensure it recoups its investment. And these changes might include a complete revamp of the business model that artists and indie labels come to love.

NSFU is planning to launch a Bandcamp label account next month, but with this development, would it be proper to re-evaluate? Bandcamp for labels requires a subscription, so it is an investment that might not return good dividends if the parent company decides to reboot the platform.

Let's hope for more detailed information soon.

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